auto labelling machine

auto labelling machine


auto labelling machine

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FP800-L100 round bottle labeler is the basic is the range of equipment we offer clients on a tight budget with more basic requirements. You get what you pay for, only with the FP800-L100 you also have the benefit of equipment closely related to the FP800-L100 Modular range; an unparalleled labeling machine range in its class of in-line labellers. With this FP800-L100 range you can get a very clear picture of what measures are taken to achieve a more basic and more budget machine that will fit the requirements of those under budget pressure to get a job done as efficiently as possible.
It is an economical cylindrical vertical labeler applicable for labeling on various cylinders which can steadily stand on chain conveyor. We can design in cylinder feeding or cylinder collecting structure to meet customers' requirement.

Products Diameter φ12mm~φ100mm (φ30mm~φ125mm)
Dimension 1600(2400)mm×1100mm×1300mm
Speed of Labeling and Electric Coding 0~140(bottles/minue)
Speed of Labeling and Pneumatic Coding 0~300(bottles/minue)
Precision ±1mm
Inner Diameter Roll φ76mm
Outer Diameter Roll φ300mm
Label Height 10mm~90mm (10mm~160mm)
Label Length 15mm~135mm (15mm~360mm)
Conveyor Direction L→R / R→L
Electrical Requirements 220V50HZ
Power 700W
Label Size Determined by The Size of The Bottle
Weight of Label No Requirement


1. Speed of labeling is determined by label height.      
2. Special sizes can be designed and manufactured to meet customers' requirement.

Labeling Machine Features:
  • Repeatability – All Electronic settings/parameters of your production job can be saved on the touch screen allowing exact repeatability between runs.
  • Touch Screen Controls – has easy to use and and easy to understand buttons. There is also machine status information and troubleshooting menus.
  • Five Phase Stepper Motors – The label heads are fitted with high resolution Five Phase stepper motors enabling for  smooth and very accurate label feeding.
  • Auto Setting Label Gap Sensor – The Sensor will pick up on different types of baking paper and adjust the label gap sensor automatically.

  • Label minimum thickness – 70micron
  • Label reel core size 76mm inside diameter
  • Label reel outside diameter 380mm (std)
  • Label minimum size – Vertical 15mm/Horizontal 15mm
  • Label web maximum height –155mm (selected at the time of order)
  • Label gap minimum size – 2.5mm
  • Speed Synchornised to Label Feed
  • Dispensing speed minimum – 5m/min (Standard)
  • Dispensing speed maximum – 30m/min (Standard)
  • Label accuracy ± 1.00mm – not including variations due to the Bottles or Labels
  • Stepper motor drive – 5 Phase – Note older machine designs use a 2 Phase Motor that is more Coarse and Hot in operation
  • Missing label detection (Standard)
  • Low-level roll detection (Standard)
  • Un-locked Drive Roller Assembly alarm (Standard)
  • Clear label gap sensor (optional)
  • Conveyor speed 5 – 30 m/min (Standard)
  • Conveyor Height 820mm – 870 mm (Standard)
  • Conveyor Length 2000 mm (Standard)
  • Conveyor material – Plastic Slat/Stainless Slat/ PU Belt/Rollers
  • Conveyor widths – 105mm (Standard)
  • Conveyor Non Stalling Motor Drive with Continuous Speed Feedback (Standard)
  • Bottle Separator
  • Wrap module (85% wrap or less) or
  • Vacuum Wrap (95% Wrap or less; 1 or 2 labels) or
  • Bottle Capture Device (100% Wrap or less; 1 or 2 Labels, Orientation Labeling optional)
  • Label Counter
  • Batch Counter
  • 120 Jobs Memory
  • Missing Label Alarm
  • End of Label Roll Alarm
  • Unlocked Drive Roller Alarm
  • Overhead conveyor – Servo Motor Driven
  • Coder – thermal or inkjet
  • Aligner Spacer (Oval Bottles)
  • Side grip twin belt transfer system

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