FP800-F200 auto flat surface labelling machine

FP800-F200 auto flat surface labelling machine


FP800-F200 auto flat surface labelling machine

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The FP800-F200 auto flat surface labelling machine is configured for from above or below is a well planned solution; Used on Flat products or Tub/Jar Products the machinery has FP800-F200 accuracy and ease of settings. If you have products needing one, two or even three labels, the FP800-F200 has the forethought of design to make the job simple to set-up again and again. The picture below shows how a Top and Bottom Labelling machine is configured with two Main Conveyors; one after the other. The gap between the two main conveyors gives the necessary access to label the product from below. 

Label Specifications that can be Catered For:
  • Label minimum thickness – 70micron
  • Label reel core size – 76mm inside diameter
  • Label reel outside diameter – 380mm (std)
  • Label minimum size – Vertical 15mm/Horizontal 15mm
  • Label web maximum height – 80/160/215/260mm (selected at the time of order)
  • Label gap minimum size – 2.5mm

Labeling Head Specifications:

  • Speed Synchornised to Label Feed with Digital Ratio User Setting (standard)
  • Dispensing speed minimum – 5m/min (Standard)
  • Dispensing speed maximum – 30m/min (Standard)
  • Label accuracy ± 0.75mm – not including variations due to the Bottles or Labels
  • Stepper motor drive – 5 Phase – Note older machine designs use a 2 Phase Motor that is more Coarse and Hot in operation
  • Missing label detection (Standard)
  • Low-level roll detection (Standard)
  • Un-locked Drive Roller Assembly alarm (Standard)
  • Clear label gap sensor (optional)
  • Label verification (optional)

Job Memory:
120 jobs

It is a planar/ right-angle labeler applicable for labeling on flat and irregular shaped bottles, paper boxes, tabs and plastic bags. For example, it can be used for electronic supervision code label and right-angle label. We can design in cylinder feeding or cylinder collecting structure to meet customer's requirement.

Products Diameter Width: 8mm~92mm
Height: <170mm
Dimension 1600mm×560mm×1600mm
Speed of Labeling and Electric Coding 0~140(bottles/minue)
Precision ±1.5mm
Inner Diameter Roll φ76mm
Outer Diameter Roll φ300mm
Label Height 10mm~90mm
Label Length 15mm~250mm
Conveyor Direction L→R / R→L
Electrical Requirements 220V50HZ
Power 700W
Label Size Determined by The Size of The Bottle
Weight of Label No Requireme

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