W-F700-V25-250 25-250grams vertical paste Filling Mahcine With heating and stirrer system

W-F700-V25-250 25-250grams vertical paste Filling Mahcine With heating and stirrer system


W-F700-V25-250 25-250grams vertical paste Filling Mahcine With heating and stirrer system

Products Description:
semi automatic gel / honey /coconut oil bottle filling machine with heater and stirrer

Series manual vertical viscous paste cream filling machines are the full automatic control system machines. It,s specially designed for bottles/jars/cans/buckets filling of different products like face cream,ointment,shampoo,gel, liton, fruit pulp,tomato ketchup,barbecue sauce,seasoning sauce,thick paste and viscosity liquid, fruit pulp with granules,chili sauce,salad,fruit jam,honey,syrup,pepper sauce,mayonnase etc in food, cosmetic, chemical industries.

Optional Item required can be added: 

This series viscous paste cream filling machines are customized base on different products, filling volume and capacity required. Bottle unscrambler machine,filling machine,capping machine,labeling machine, ink coding machine and packaging machines can be addedas an option and combine freely.


Model                  Filling Volume    Filling Precision     Air pressure      Temperature          Supply        Dimension (LxWxH)
W-F700-V5              5-50ml                   ±1%              0.6-0.8Mpa           0/+80°C         Electricity       400x710x1730mm
W-F700-V10        10-100ml                   ±1%              0.6-0.8Mpa           0/+80°C         Electricity       400x710x1730mm
W-F700-V15        15-150ml                   ±1%              0.6-0.8Mpa           0/+80°C         Electricity        400x710x1730mm
W-F700-V25        25-250ml                   ±1%              0.6-0.8Mpa           0/+80°C         Electricity        400x710x1730mm
W-F700-V50        50-500ml                   ±1%              0.6-0.8Mpa          0/+80°C          Electricity        400x710x1730mm
W-F700-V100     100-1000ml                ±1%              0.6-0.8Mpa           0/+80°C         Electricity       400x710x1730mm
W-F700-V250     250-2500ml                ±1%              0.6-0.8Mpa           0/+80°C         Electricity       400x710x1900mm
W-F700-V500     500-5000ml                ±1%              0.6-0.8Mpa            0/+80°C        Electricity        400x710x1900mm       

Main features of bottle viscous paste cream filling machines:

1.Series viscous paste cream filling machines are specially made for bottles/jars/cans/bucketsdrums filling of different products like face cream,shampoo,gel,lotion,tomato ketchup,barbecue sauce, seasoning sauce,thick paste and viscosity liquid,fruit pulp with granules,chili sauce, salad, fruit jam,honey,syrup,pepper sauce,mayonnaise etc in food,cosmetic, chemical industries.

2.It,s a small manual operated machine which is perfect for small scale production.

3.The whole filling machine is easy to operated,simple structure, PLC control, Simens, Schneider, Airtac, Omron world famous electric and pneumatic components.

4.All the machines are made of good quality 304/316 stainless steel and alloy aluminum. If for corrosive products, anti-corrosion machines by PVC PP material can be customized.

5.Filling volumes can be adjusted easily in the touch screen. We use quick and fast joints for building the machines which is easy for dismentling the machines and maintenance,and convenient for cleaning.

6.The machines are with automatic liquid level control system for feeding, which is very high automation.

7.The filling nozzles are specially made for anti-drips with years of experience which prevent the products dripping on the bottles while filling.

8.Filling nozzles are customized depends on your capacity required. Single nozzles,2nozzles,4nozzles,are available.

9. Piston volumetric dosing with high accuracy.

10.Mixing hopper,hot filling with temperature control system are available depends on different products.

Our Services


1.Manuals and videos of machine installation, setting, adjusting, maintenance are availble for you.

2.If any problems happen and you can not find out solutions,24 hours telephone and online face to face communication available.

3.Core tamp engineers and technicians are available sent to your countries for services.

4.Two years guaranty,during the warranty year if any parts of the machine broken not by man-made,we will replace the new parts for your freely.Machine warranty begins after shippment.

5.We have a independent team for after-sales service,24 hours after sales service available, any emergency pls call our salesman and after sales manager.

W-F700-Y1 liquid filling machine

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