FP800-FPL4-60 4 side seal liquid packing form fill seal machine

FP800-FPL4-60 4 side seal liquid packing form fill seal machine


FP800-FPL4-60 4 side seal liquid packing form fill seal machine

 1.Application & sample bags:

 Suitable for: granule materials such as oatmeal, electuary, monosodium glutamate, salt, sugar etc.

Product Description


2.Functional Specification:

1.The machine is controlled by double SCM (single chip) system and a large LCD (115*64 mm) in English display.

2.Special and particular intelligence protection take the machine to auto stop to get the protection and display the fail information when the machine fail in temperature control, color mark hunt control and film finish.

3.Four intelligent temperature controllers. When the heating part or testing part fail to take the sealing temperature over 15 degree of the setting temperature, the machine will stop and display “heat over”. So you can make the wastage to the least.

4.The bag length is controlled by electronic photo switch. The bag length will be cut accurately. When the photo errs, the machine will stop and display “photo errs”.

5.When the packaging film is empty or broken, the machine will stop and display “film end”.

6.The intelligent counter: you can set the counter to a data you need, the machine will stop and take alarm when reach the data you set.

7.The working is stable, easy to use, high yield and low wastage.


Bag sizeL (40-150) ×W (30-100) mm
Packing speed40-80 bags/min
Measuring range1-150 ml
Max width of film roll320 mm
Power requirement380/220V, 50HZ, 790/1000W
Machine sizeL 700* W 580 * H 1550 mm
Machine weight180 KG
Sealing type:3-side sealing ,4 side sealing


3.Origin of each components

Touch screen:    Siemens / Germany                       Inverter:         Schneider / French

PLC controller:  Siemens / Germany                        Module:         Siemens / Germany

Date printer:      Dikai / Shanghai                              Motor:           Tongtai / Kunlun  

Photo-sensor  SICK / Germany                              Relay:            Omron / Japan  

Switch series:    Schneider / French                         Solid phase Schneider / French  


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  8. Spare part list
No.Spare partQTY 
1kit1400mm x 200mm x 200mm
2belt2For driving the film
3Horizontal heater4For temperature control
4Vertical heater4For temperature control
5Socket head wrench1For driving screw
6Cross screwdriver1For driving screw
7Straight screwdriver1For driving screw
8Monkey spanner1For driving screw
9Spanner1For driving screw
10knife1For cutting
11thermocouple1For temperature control
12Printer keypad1For printing
13Printer heater1For temperature control
14Color ribbon for printerNY800 BLACKFor printing
15Manual for sensor1For operating manual
16brush1For cleaning

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