hand held WT130 homogenizer

hand held WT130 homogenizer

hand held WT130 homogenizer

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The WT 130 is a rotor/stator type hand held tissue homogenizer which can rapidly dispersing, homogenizing, extractions, cell disruption,mixing, emulsifying, suspending samples in 0.1 - 5 ml , 1-250ml and 100ml-1L depending on the dispersing shaft. 
During operation, the suspended material is drawn into the core of the homogenizer by a rotor turning at up to 30,000 rpm.
The material is repeatedly cycled through narrow slits in the stator where it is rapidly sheared and disintegrated by high shear mechanical action. Complete homogenization of tissues (muscle, liver, breast tissue, etc.) is usually achieved in a few seconds.

WT130 Video Demo

Click for more information and video : 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lTvqY1jHEwhomogenize homogenize the different material and products from varies industry
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmDrHt5z_e0-WT130 saw tooth types stator for breaking the pill or hard materials
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRGt-3NHwyE-WT130 exchangeble types with one body for varies stator in one package

Advantages :

1. Small and powerful hand-held or post mount homogenizer unit
2. Wide functions of stator rotor available: Flat slot opening for soft tissue and saw tooth for hard samples
3. For processing within various tube sizes to small beakers
4. High-torque motor with a variable speed adjustment
5. Use hand-held or post mount to a stand
6. Rapid, effective disruption of a range of sample types
7. Disposable probes help to eliminate cross-contamination
8. Time savings through use if apply disposable probes

Wide Application Areas :

  1. Soft and Hard Tissue Homogenization
  2. Cellular Research
  3. Biological Research
  4. Food
  5. Plant Analysis
  6. DNA
  7. RNA
  8. PCR
  9. Protein Extraction
  10. Enzyme Studies
  11. Cancer Research
  12. Pharmaceutical Research
  13. Animal Tissue Extractions
  14. Medical Research
  15. Neuroscience
  16. Emulsions and Suspensions
  17. Molecular Biology

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