RB600-5500 5500liter horizontal powder mixer(Working volume:5000liter)

RB600-5500 5500liter horizontal powder mixer(Working volume:5000liter)

RB600-5500 5500liter horizontal powder mixer(Working volume:5000liter)

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Technical Specification
Model RB600-500 RB600-1000 RB600-2000 RB600-3000 RB600-5000
Capacity 800L 1600L 2800L 4000L 5500L
Mixing time 5-8min 5-8min 5-8min 8-15min 8-15min
Mixing barrel sizemm 1.5*0.75*0.85 2.0*0.9*1.0 2.5*1.1*1.2 2.5*1.3*1.4 3*1.4*1.5
Whole machine sizemm 2.3*0.8*1.75 3.3*1.1*2.0 3.5*1.25*2.1 3.6*1.5*2.3 4.5*1.7*2.55
Thickness of mixing barrel 2mm 3mm 3mm 4mm 4mm
Screw shaft 60mm 60mm 75mm 90mm 110mm
Thickness of the plug 4mm 4mm 4mm 4mm 6mm
Thinkness of ribbon spiral 4mm 6mm 6mm/8mm 8mm/10mm 8mm/10mm
Padestal bearing 210 210 213 215 215
Main motor 7.5kw 11kw 15kw 18.5kw 22kw
Feeding motor 4kw 4kw 5.5kw 5.5kw 5.5kw
Discharging motor 4kw 5.5kw/4kw 5.5kw/4kw 5.5kw/4kw 5.5kw/4kw
Diameter of feeding conveyor 165mm 165mm 219mm 219mm 219mm
Reducer X5/250 X5/350 350 400 500
Rotating speed 26-30rpm 26-30rpm 26-30rpm 26-30rpm 26-30rpm
Net volume 0.8m³ 1.6m³ 2.8m³ 4m³ 5.5m³
Whole machine weight 0.9t 1.1t 1.5t 1.7t 2.4t
Channel steel 10/12cm 10/12cm 12cm 14cm 14cm
Packing size 3.56m³ 7.38m³ 10.69m³ 14.21m³ 21.94m³

Computer metering powder mixer, add the electric feeding device and computer metering device on the basis of the manual discharge to facilitate users to finish product packaging. It has following advantages: quick feeding speed, High measurement precision, 1-2 person to operate, remove your weighing and packaging problems, save work time.
Dry powder mixer has two kinds of discharging system: one is impeller discharging system, the other is screw discharging system, the user can choose different system according to the nature of the material.

Applicable scope
Various kinds of dry mortar:
Bonding mortar: Masonry mortar, wall and floor tile adhesive mortar ect.
Decoration mortar: Decorative plaster, inner and outer wall putty, colorful decoration mortar etc.
Protection mortar: Water-proof mortar, anti-corrosion mortar, self-leveling mortar, wear resistance mortar, thermal insulation mortar, sound insulation mortar, repair mortar, mildew proof mortar, shielding mortar etc.

Ordinary horizontal mixer is equipped with manual butterfly valve discharge port. It is suitable for many kinds of materials, dry powder material and wet material are available. When producing paste material or real stone paint, there is no cleaning mouth under the mixing barrel.
Ordinary horizontal mixer installed with crushed grinding head and suction pipe can be used to crush the poultry feed for chickens, pigs, fish and other livestock. Through crushing grinding head, the corn, soybean and other grain can be crushed and mixed in process.


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