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Reducing Fat and Weight Loss Slimming Effervescent Tablet

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Reducing Fat and Weight Loss Slimming Effervescent Tablet Body Slimming Health Supplement Products


Slimming Effervescent Tablets

Main Ingredients

Lotus Leaf extract; Rhizoma Alismatis; L-carnitine tartrate; Xylo-oligosaccharide;

Citric acid; Sodium carbonate; Malic acid; Leucine; Sucralose


Generally White (or other colors)






Organic , Natural , Professional

Tastes Flavor

Orange flavor


We Have Our Own Formular,and Yours is Welcome




Take one effervescent tablet, dissolved in a glass of water (200ml). The amount is

recommended for daily consumption. Do not chew or swallow the tablet or dissolve

it on the tongue.

Usage and dosage  

1 tablet one time, 3 tablets one day. Put one tablet into about 200ml warm (cool)

drinking water

and drink after it dissolves. Drink it after meals.

Suit crowds

youngsters who need to supplement vitamin c substance


Keep tightly in a cool and dry place.


What is the principle and the advantage of slimming effervescent tablet?

(1)Regulate spleen and stomach to reduce adipose accumulation

     According to TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) theory, the spleen makes moving, it lets the material being absorbed transported quickly to various parts of the human body to use. Obesity is caused by these substances are not timely transported and piled up in the body. Our slimming effervescent tablets add the medicinal herbs has a slimming effect: Lotus leaf,Alisma extract. This product can supply vital force,invigorate spleen,benefit lung,generate saliva, improve spleen symptoms, can effectively break down body fat and strong excreted, thereby preventing the accumulation of fat in the body caused by fat.

(2)Detoxification ,reduction fat and beauty and slimming

     Unique Lotus leaf, Alisma, malic acid can laxative, scavenging free radicals, eliminate toxins, to achieve the effect of weight-loss and beauty. Its unique flavonoid nutrients can moisturize your skin against aging and make your skin white, flexible, and more to make your skin forever young.

(3)L-carnitine , combustion macromolecules fat

   L-carnitine is a type of amino acids to promote fat into energy. The main physiological function is to promote fat into energy.Taking L-carnitine can not only reduce body fat, reduce weight, but also not reducing water and muscle. L-carnitine was identified as the safest weight loss nutritional supplements without side effects in the 2003 International Obesity Health Organization.

(4)Isolate fat and prevent fat absorption and effectively prevent rebound

    Lotus is known as ''good slimming medicine''.Its commonly used in the clinical treatment of obesity, after taking it, it will formed a layer of fat isolation film on the body wall, effectively to prevent the absorption of fat, weight loss from the source, and more effectively to control the rebound.


(5)Effervescent Dosage Form,Absorption is the absolute principle

   We use the most advanced German effervescent production equipment and processes. The high degree of purity and ultrafine materials greatly enhances the absorption rate,.After effervescence, its completely soluble in water to form ionic, oral 5 - 10 minutes of blood concentration and the absorption and bioavailability up to 56% than conventional capsules and tablets 

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