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DVH900-1000 "Dyna Cosmo" 100L Fix Types Vacuum emulsifier Mixers with Oil & Water Phase Tank ORDER CODE:8569200

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DVH900-1000 "Dyna Cosmo" 100L Fix Types Vacuum emulsifier Mixers with Oil & Water Phase Tank ORDER CODE:8569200 W-DVT660 Fix Types Vacuum emulsifier Mixers with Oil & Water Phase Tank

  • Vacuum Tank Working Volume(Liter): 100
  • Vacuum Tank Material: Inner :SS316-6mm,Middle Layer:SUS 304, 5mm, Outer Layer £ºSUS 304, 3mm
  • Vacuum Tank Agitator Speed (rpm): 0-63
  • Vacuum Tank Stirrer and Wall Scrapper motor Power (kW): 5.5
  • Vacuum Tank Bottom Homogenizer speed(rpm): 0-3800
  • Vacuum Pump Type: Water ring type,3.75kw
  • Vacuum Tank Heating power(kW): 36
  • Vacuum degree(MPa): -0.09--0.02
  • Water Tank Working Volume(liter): 900
  • Water Tank Stirrer Speed(rpm): 960
  • Water Tank Heating (kW): 27
  • Oil Tank Working Volume(liter): 400
  • Oil Tank Stirrer Speed(rpm): 960
  • Water Tank Heating (kW): 18


DVH900-1000 "Dyna Cosmo" 1000L Fix Types Vacuum emulsifier machine is mainly composed of water relative to the pot, the pot of oil phase emulsified Lord stir the pot, vacuum system,electrical control system (optional PLC), operating platforms and other components.

Service Industry

The product is mainly used cosmetic care products, bio-pharmaceuticals,food industry, paint and ink, nano-materials, petrochemical, textile auxiliaries,
paper industry, pesticides and fertilizers, plastics and rubber, power electronics, other fine chemicals, especially for matrix viscosity, a relatively high solids content of the emulsion material configuration more effect.

Performance and Features

1.The company produces vacuum emulsifying species species diversity, which under homogeneous homogeneous homogeneous system of the inner and outer loop homogenizing, mixing system of one-way and two-way mixing stirring, spiral mixer; according to customer requirements of various meets the demand for high-quality products;

2 Triple stir imported inverter, to meet the different needs of the process of production; 

3 homogeneous structure of German technology, using imported double mechanical seal effect, maximum speed up to 4200 rpm emulsification / min, the maximum shear fine of up to 0.2-5um;

4 vacuum degassing to make things sterile requirements, and the use of vacuum suction,especially for powder materials using vacuum suction to avoid dust emissions;

5 Main pot lid lifting device can be used for easy cleaning, cleaning effect is more pronounced, the pot can be used dump the material;

6 pot using imported stainless steel plate welded composed of three layers,tanks and pipelines for the mirror-polished, full compliance with GMP requirements;

7 according to process requirements, the tank can be heated and cooled material,  heating the two main methods of heating steam and electricity;

8To ensure a more stable set of machine control, electrical imported configuration, fully meet international standards.
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